Glossybox Review: February 2015

Glossybox is one of my newest subscription boxes to add to my ever growing collection.

So far it has been one of my faves! The packaging is beautiful and it feels super special when it shows up through my door. The products are a little more concentrated on beauty than other boxes and generally has bigger products than birchbox.

Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk
I'll admit at first I thought putting a razor in a box is a bit of an odd choice... It feels too practical. But then again I'm rather naughty when bothering to change my razor so hey! I wasn't quite as used to having quite a sharp razor and cut my leg which resulted in me feeling VERY sorry for myself- but my legs were super smooth. You win some you lose some I guess. 8/10

MARSK Mineral eyeshadow in fifty shades 
Mineral eyeshadow a scare me. I've had one to many disasters with glitter pots due to being the clumsiest person in the world. I thought I'd suck it up and challenge myself! I used a wet brush to apply and stuck to the outer corners of my eye taking it along my eye crease. It has a nice pigment to it and is best saved for night time sparkles! 7/10

B Cosmetics Defined Brow Kit - Medium/Dark 
I am no eyebrow wizard by my own admission. I find using waxes too hard to get a 'clean' line. This product is good, as you get 2 shades to mix with to get the perfect shade with a setting wax and highlighter to lift the arch. I couldn't quite master this kit on it's own so I used my usual L'oreal Brow Artist Shaper pencil to draw the outer lines and used the brow kit 'to fill in the in-between'. All in all I think its a nice effect & a good bargain!8/10

Royal Apothic Tinties in Coral
This is my star pick this week! The lip balm comes in super cute packaging, leaves a subtle colour and is super moisturising. It smells amazing too!! 10/10

So Susan Rose Quartet Lip & Cheek Palette
At first I was a little disappointed at how small the palette was, but a little bit of this product gives a lot of coverage! I preferred to use it on the apples of my cheeks rather than my lips as it was a little hard to apply to lips! It does give a nice colour however and I liked to mix them up a bit to create new colours!7/10  

The finished Effect of brows, eyeshadow, cheek stain & lip balm! 
+ Wild about Beauty - Botanical Skin Prep Serum
+ Bourjois - 123 Perfect Foundation in Beige Clair
+ Benefit - High Beam Highlighter
+ Benefit - Roller Lash Mascara
+ Laura Geller - Inkwell Gel Liner
+ Soap & Glory - Wonderbronze bronzer

Fancy subscribing? Try it here !

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  1. I am so tempted to sign up to a GlossyBox, the reviews seem so mixed! Your finished eye make up looks great though! I can't do eye line to save my life :)

    Courtney x

  2. Thanks Courtney! The secret to the perfect eyeliner flick is tape! I use washi tape from the corner of my outer eye, going in a line to the end of my eyebrow. Works EVERYTIME! Bonne courage xx

  3. The pigmentation looks like such good quality! Love the look, you gorgeous skin! X

    Workout Wear over at-

  4. Amazing post dear!