5 reasons why moving in with my boyfriend was a terrible idea

With V Day rapidly approaching, I thought I'd get on the sentimental, mushy, romance train and list a few of the things that has really irritated me since we recently moved in together.

1. Protein
Once upon a time I used to make a small bottle of milk last a week. He drinks SIX PINTS a day. I'm seriously considering installing a cow in our backgarden to save on costs. Do you even milk?

2. Leaving time on the microwave
I dont know why, but this really, really grinds my gears.

3. The Floordrobe
I run a tight ship, and an even tighter wardrobe. Throwing all manner of clothing in a pile on the bedroom floor is distressing to say the least.

4. FIFA. 
A lesson quickly learnt: FIFA is a serious matter. If the other team scores you do not, under any circumstances, laugh. Try your hardest to reign it in or you'll suffer the consequences.

5. Midnight Snacking
Because there's nothing better in life than waking up with a sticky cream egg wrapper stuck to your face.

Love you bae xoxo

Birchbox Review: February 2015

My obsession with subscription boxes started early last year, after a messy break up I really needed a wee 'pick-me-up'. Birchbox was the first beauty subscription box I signed up for and since then it has been what I look forward to... like a little christmas every month. I thought it only fitting that my first post be a review of this month's box!


T London - Darjeeling Hand & Body Lotion
Anyone who knows me will know that I am obsessed with hand cream. After burning my hands badly last summer, I get super dry fingers so I have to moisturise constantly. This lotion smells divine (like tea!) and is a good consistency and texture. 8/10

theBalm cosmetics - Stainiac in Beauty Queen
A red gel lip/cheek stain reminiscent of the Benefit's 'Benetint'. Personally I was never much of a fan of Benetint as I found the consistency a little too watery, but the Stainiac is a little easier to apply. I tend to opt for powder based blushes and matt lipsticks in Winter, so I'll be popping this away until Summer time, when Im - hopefully-  a little more golden and opting for lighter makeup. 6/10

KMS California - Hair Play Dry Wax
My hair:  Day 1- Flat but shiny
          Day 2 - Flat but greasy.
You can see the problem here. Hair Play is a matte finish spray, which really helped my get some volume and texture into my sad locks. I've recently cut my hair into a bob (AH!), so this little beaut was a true god-send. Be aware for it leaving your hair rather product heavy the next day. 7/10

Caudalie - Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
A 'glow serum' to be applied before moisturising. I have to admit I was a little unsure of what this product actually did, but I intrepidly applied a small amount in the morning before makeup and I guess I looked a bit more glowing so hey, winner! 7/10

Cynthia Rowley Beauty - Black Eyeliner 
 I am a self confessed eyeliner snob. As a total Alexa Chung fangirl, winged eyeliner plays a big role in my everyday life. I did my usual test of drawing a thick line on my hand and rubbing it like a madwoman. It did not budge, hurrah! Congrats, you made the cut Cynthia! I even licked my finger to take things to the next level, and it prevailed. A super creamy formula, which is really easy to apply. I will be using to go over my usual gel/liquid liner on top, as it builds the colour nicely but not so great for clean, precise lines. 9/10

The Chai Co - Oats + Chai
In between studying for my MA at University and selling my soul to a well known department store, I find the lure of my local take outs all too tempting. I've been promising myself I'd start eating cleaner, so this 'just add water' blend of wholegrain oats, chai, fruit and virgin coconut oil is super handy for gals on the go- actually super tasty too! 7/10

All in all Birchbox has once again delivered; pun intended. For just £12.95 including P&P this months box was well worth the money & would highly recommend to all of my fabulous readers! To sign up & earn 50 free Birchbox points, use the link below. 

Until next time,

Bon courage x


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